About Us

About Us

It all started with a search for the perfect water bottle that is both Chic AND Convenient - The kind of bottle we would want to carry around to help with hydration through out our busy days, but stay stylish in the process. It's simple, drinking more water leads to a healthier lifestyle - Even better, infusing water with fruits gives that extra push when drinking "boring" plain water is not enough!

As young professionals who are socially aware, it was important to find a bottle that's functional and NOT plastic (friends don't let friends use plastic bottles!) Once we found it, we just had to share it with the world! 

Our Double Wall Glass bottle with a unique Metallic gold lid can be used as an infuser to add delicious and nutritious fruits or veggies into your daily water routine or as a tea infuser - It comes with both hot and cold functionality.

Not to mention, the Infuzed Bottle is super Gorgeous, so make it part of your #ootd as a healthy accessory! 

Get your Infuzed Bottle today and Hydrate in Style!

Our Mission

At Infuzed Bottle Co., our goal is to bring a Stylish and Convenient water bottle into your every day life while eliminating plastic waste and being socially responsible. 

We've pledged to donate a percentage of each bottle sold to a water project in Kilifi County, Kenya  - where the funds will go toward bringing clean water to Kilifi County and surrounding areas.